Welcome new players. Down below is list of features server has to offer.

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*No Level Cap/ Damage Cap - complete tot quest line to unlock @op
*Main stat caps are 32k even HP/MP
*Sub Stats like attack and magic attack are capped 999,999
*MP skills all cost 0
*Custom Skills marked with HIGH PRIORTY tag on skill name
*MP works as a shield when taking damage
*Custom Starting zone - collect 20 monster coins
*Instant loot vac - items go straight to inv
*Raid instanced loot - all player in raids gain items
*Custom panel system - panels in setup slots 1-24 add bonuses
*Stamina system used for various bosses and events
-Stamina recovers every 5 mins, killing monster or Megalixiers

*Item stats vary base on either gach or monsters
-Monsters' items scale based on their level, tier and what channel they are on
-Gachapon items are set to players levels ranging from common-player's level to legendary 10x
*Items found all have 1 slot and can be scrolled to +250 before the 1 slot is consumed, Failures do nothing
*Items Stacksize is 50,000
*Scrolls have no boom effects
*Custom class based scrolls
*Items can be reset by talking to fairy in orbis, items scale to player level
*Every player at lvl 10 job advancement gets kaotic medal that grows in stats as you level
-Can also be upgraded with golden maple leaves from fairy in ellinia
*Higher tier 7 bosses can upgrade all equips as you kill them

*Monsters have 100% custom stats: EXP, HP, Damage and tier system
*Monsters tiers range from 1-3 normal mobs 4-8 bosses
*Monster's stats are also based on tier and level
*Monster's HP does go over cap
*Monster's EXP can overflow over 2bil as multi lines of exp
*Monsters have custom drops - can be seen when using @mobinfo command and @monster for id
*All monsters drop unique drops such as monster coins and class scrolls

*2hr events that run randomly: Double: EXP, Drops, Scroll rates, Dojo points, quest exp
*Custom ElliniaMS style dojo system with dojo points
*Massive 120 wave Monster Park event with all monsters and bosses packed into single map
*Golden Dragon training map
*ToT Monster Event with powerful monster with massive amounts of exp
*Custom BossPQ with 4 modes
*Golden Pig event that spawn on various random maps
*Multi-Player Boss Zone for easy access to different tiered battles

*Lion King Castle - lvl:200-250
*Future Henesys/Perion/Knights Stronghold - lvl:200-250
*Edelstin/Caves/Black Heaven - lvl:500-800
*Pantheon/Heliusim - lvl:700-900
*Black Market/Santuary/Vedel - lvl:800-1000
*Arcane River - Vanishing Zone/Reverse City/Chu Chu/Yum Yum - lvl:1000+
*Stone Colossus - lvl:350-500
*Kritias - lvl:300-400
*Temple Ruins - lvl:160-200
*Root Abyss/World Tree - lvl:300-450

*Trade button takes you to free market
*Inkwell is monster coin shop
*Kaotic Tower for quick coin farming located in FM
*Shop button handles various shops - Potions/Ammo/Skill Panels
*Cody does skin/hair/eye for free
*Use @help to see various commands ingame commands

More details can be found in discord

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