Donation Format:

Bonus Rates ($ to DP)

0-49$ = 1x DP

50-99 = 2x DP

100+ = 2.5x DP


1 DP = NX of choice with 1000 power stats+pots(Modryn)

25 DP = unlimited use golden apple for buffs - found Kanna shop

25 DP = Frenzy/Raging/Fury totems - found in shop

1 DP = slot machine - top left (CONY)

1 DP = Single line cuber (BROWN BEAR)

5 DP = Chair of choice (ABBES)

5 DP = DP nx Reseter (Versalian grandmaster) will give all stats

10 DP = DP Medal (Garnet)

25 DP = Mori Ranmaru raid boss - SOLO ONLY (Haruaki)

1 DP = For 5% perma stat Bypasses level cap(Haku)


@event = 5DP - Spawns mini event

When filling out form, please add the current date to help us track down the flow.

Make sure to be online to receive your DP and have a free ETC slot in your inventory. You can stay afk to receive your DP. Make sure when donating that you use SAME pc/IP NOT VPN. VPN PP charges will be reported to PP. All donations are logged and screenshot is sent to u as a receipt of donation and rewards given.

*By donating, you guarantee that all of the information you provide is rightfully yours. Do not donate if you do not have the express consent or permission necessary to do so.
*All donations are final upon being processed and confirmed. You will not be refunded if you change your mind, or if your account is banned. If a transaction is still pending, and you wish to change your mind, please contact an admin.
*Any chargeback claims associated with your account will automatically lead to a ban of your account.

Donation Points are ETC type item that can be exchanged or traded in game. Donation rewards are listed below, please review them before donating.

Contact Resinate on Discord, Format: Account Name, Character Name, Donation Amount for Verification