Creating an account

The game has an autoregister feature, you just input a username and password and it automatically creates the account.


This is a fully customized V111 server.


You can see the list of commands by using @help in game.


I think this is what distinguishes this server from other progressive servers and that is the skill system. You see when you log in that most skills have a cap at 100. To truly unlock a skill’s full usage, it should be maxed to see maximum benefits. With this in mind…
our mobbing skill ASAP not the passive skills

If you max the passive skills you risk falling behind and farming less efficiently. The mobbing skill depends on every class so ask around on the discord for help on what to max.


All the classes are fairly balanced right now.

Currently we have:


Cody (face, eye/skin/hair, eye color)

Drops and gear

Mobs drop gear with random RNG stats Example:

Gear has two separate levels. Use the requirement that’s higher when taking into consideration if you can equip it or not. Drops from monster scale with the tier of the monster along with the player level, so you will continually get stronger and stronger gear just from farming.

Total Item Level = (Power of the iitem's mob level + your level / 2)

Different tiers of monsters will drop higher quality gear with more enhancements on them innately.

Stars icon on top of each item is counted (you can count these stars by looking at # of enhanced applied line in the bottom of the item)


Monster coins:

Used in the universal shop in the special tab. Personally I use it on gacha tickets but do as you wish. Achieved from killing mobs universally.

Unleashed coins:

This is the equipment dismantler, which recycles your equips and is found in the quickmove tab. She is also the person you talk to for access to using unleashed coins. Notable items are super power scrolls.

Event Coins:

These can be obtained from Mini Events and NPC Quests.

NPC Quests:

Trade 100 of these items for Credits:

Farming Mesos

You can farm mesos at high spawn rate maps with high numbers of mobs.

Enhancement scrolls:

Helps increase enhanced applied/ stars count of an item. Max is 250 stars. Each star increase the stats based on stars count.. Example: 249 star _> 250


Got their first point: 1000 Cash

Reaching level 30: 1,000 Cash

Reaching Level 70: 3,000 Cash

Reaching Level 120: 8,000 Cash

Reaching level 200: 15,000 Cash

Reached 50 fame: 5,000 Cash

Equipped a reverse item: 4,000 Cash

Equipped a timeless item: 5,000 Cash

Killed Anego: 3,500 Cash

Killed Papulatus: 2,500 Cash

Killed a Pianus: 2,500 Cash

Killed the almighty Zakum: 5,000 Cash

Killed the almighty Zakum: 5,000 Cash

Defeated Pink Bean: 30,000 Cash

Killed a boss: 1,000 Cash

Won the event 'OX Quiz': 5,000 Cash

Won the event 'MapleFitness': 5,000 Cash

Won the event 'Ola Ola': 5,000 Cash

Defeating BossQuest HELL mode: 50,000 Cash

Killed the almighty Chaos Zakum: 10,000 Cash

Defeated Chaos Horntail: 20,000 Cash

Won the event 'Survival Challenge': 5,000 Cash

Got over 1,000,000 mesos: 1,000 Cash

Got over 10,000,000 mesos: 2,000 Cash

Got over 100,000,000 mesos: 3,000 Cash

Got over 1,000,000,000 mesos: 4,000 Cash

Made a guild: 2,500 Cash

Made a family: 2,500 Cash

Defeated Von Leon: 25,000 Cash

Defeated Empress Cygnus: 10,000 Cash

Equipped an item above level 130: 10,000 Cash

Equipped an item above level 140: 15,000 Cash


Level 10: Buy a weapon for you respective job from lith harbor or something,

Also helps to purchase an onyx apple from the “special” tab from the universal shop.

20-40: Sleepywood Drakes/eyes (Portal left then down)

Alternatively 1-40: Kaotic Tower FM until Scorpions

40-50: Crows at mushroom shrine (Use quick move to henesys and talk to spinel to go to mushroom shrine)

50-70: Ludibrium Robos, or Showa town Agents

70-120: Magatia, Ariant Sunset road/Sahel

70-140: Roids C-1/mini dungeon

120:The Dragon nest left behind

140-200: TOT Memory Lane 1 or Mossy Tree Forest

Lil/Zombie events - Stay in a flat map like magatia and just farm and spawn an event Fastest levelling

Also note then whenever an event spawns. Example: little bosses or zombiexxs message in @say for help and someone will help you come kill them for massive exp

Post 200 you want to be optimal and at least be farming with one other person

170+ Ellin Forest Party Play zone, or any mini dungeon

200+ LHC/TOT

300+ Kritias, Corrupted Magic Forest 3

400+Cheong village or westwoods

450+ Colo/Dark World Tree

550+ Edelsteini

600+ Deepmine shaft

650+ Foxvillage (TOT>Middle portal>top left portal> all the way right)

750+ Shaolin Temple (TOT>Middle portal>top right portal> all the way left)

850+ Tyrant castle

1000+ Arc River

Custom Maps

Level 200-1000 Maps
Click Here
Level 1000+ Maps

Party Play

Check using @monster to see if the monsters are a part of the party play feature.

Party play monsters are generally stronger but will yield more exp when taken down while in a party. Leeching isn't a good way for later levels, If you want a share of the experience you will have to tag monsters!

Raid System

talk to 4th npc - GUARD - raid to create a raid and manage it. this system is only manageable OUTSIDE of event instances. NOT all events allow raids.

Here is list of leader options as a raid

To invite players u can use invite option of npc or simply right click a player and select "invite to party" option this will work with raids if your in it.

Mini Events

Gear Progression

Pick up all gear that drops from monsters and keep re-equipping. You’ll gradually get stronger. Little bosses as well as zombies will drop higher tier gear so it’ll be efficient to farm those as well when they spawn.

You will possibly need to make Drop, Exp, Dmg Gears

Example for gear

This item has Overpower it helps you grow on this servers "additional damage" you can see how much you should do with @op

Custom feature:

Additionally if you boss with multiple people it gives the opportunity to roll the drop table multiple times.

Notable bosses to farm:

Maple Points

1/100000 chance of dropping from monsters

You can use MP at the MP shop in quick move

You can talk to Hong Niang and Wu Yuan in FM

Hong Niang - 5 MP - Random Chair

Wu Yuan - 10 MP - 5 Random NX Equips and 1 NX Weapon


Gachapon #1 way to gear*

There are 3 different gachapons in this server

Theres the ones in the towns henesys,perion,ellinia,etc They only cost 1 ticket

Gachapon is also in FreeMarket this one has a chance to give you better statted items but it costs 100 tickets

There is a Gachapon in the Donation lands aswell and they have a chance to give you better equips then the 100 ticket It cost 1 dp per pull

Badges are obtainable from Elites and Gacha

Donor Points

Can be purchased here

Conversion Rate ($ to DP)

0-50$ = 1x DP

50-100=2x DP

100+ = 2.5x DP


1 DP = NX of choice with 1000 power stats+pots

1 DP = Reset any nx item with all new stats and pots

25 DP = unlimited use golden apple for buffs - found in shop

50 DP = Frenzy/Raging/Fury totems - found in shop

1 DP = Reset stats and pots of NX to your level

1 DP = slot machine - top left (CONY)

1 DP = Single line cuber (BROWN BEAR)

5 DP = Chair of choice (ABBES)

5 DP = Mori Ranmaru raid boss - SOLO ONLY


@event = 5DP - Spawns mini event